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Bradley Walker - Because He Lives (Live)

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"You Deserve It All" + "Jesus, We Love You" | Paul & Hannah McClure

The Testimony Of How Buchi Was Saved From Islamic Terrorists In Northern Nigeria

I went to the Northern part of Nigeria, West Africa to minister as a gospel artiste some years back. As I got off the stage after ministration, there was this car waiting to take me to my hotel room with my protocol and security personnel. I put my left leg into the car and was about to lift my right leg but somebody held me. I looked down; it was a boy of about 4 – 5 years old holding onto my leg. I couldn’t get into the car; neither could I shake him off. So I disembarked from the car and picked up the boy. I lifted the boy up to my chest to take some photographs with him. In anger, the driver and my protocol personnel shouted, “Man of God, don’t you know the security situation in this place, let us go! It’s dangerous here. We need to leave.” But, I couldn’t drop the child as he held on to my shirt. I took more pictures with the boy. As this was going on, some men showed up asking for my bible and other things. “We are here for you”, they said. Then I asked, “Who are you…

For King And Country : Should We Have Phoenix Sign Things From Now On

From #forkingandcountry - Should we have Phoenix sign things from now on?? -L - #forkingandcountry